Red Coral [Moonga] Gemstone

Red Coral [Moonga] Gemstone

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Red Coral Gem (Lal Moonga) is a Jaivik Ratna (Organic Gems) wich are found in sea.

  1. Corals are found in sea as A important reef builders that inhabit tropical oceans and secrete calcium carbonate to form a hard skeleton.
  2. According to Scientific research, it has been proved that coral is a Component of calcium carbonate.
  3. Generaly mostly Coral is found in orange colour. But it is found in different colours also such as red, pink, white, black and smoky colour.
  4. Coral in orange or red colours are thought to be the best for Planet mars.
  5. Red Coral Gem (Lal Moonga) ensures various kind of happiness in life.

Planet : Mars
Number : 9
Effect on Chakra of body : 7th. Muladhara
Zodiac Sign and Ascendant : Aries & Scorpio
Various Names : Moonga, Red coral, Bhauma-ratna, Gem of Mars, Vidruma, The coral tree, Abdhijantu, Being of the ocean.
Mostly Astrologer Recommended to wear Red coral for following reasons.
Aggressiveness, high temper, argument fights, accidents, violent, rebellions, fire, Constant surgical operations, War or family arguments nature.
Wearing Red Coral for Prevention of the following diseases.
Eruption of the face and body cuts bumps, fever, cough, Biliary complaints, bruises General diseases of the blood, muscular system, bone marrow, chickenpox, smallpox, head ache, loss of vitality, piles, boils, measles,
We also provide the service of making the Pendant / Ring of the above mentioned Gemstone in Silver / Copper / 8 Metals / 5 Metals as per your requirement . If you are interested in getting this Gemstone to be studded in Ring / Pendant then please inform us before buying so that we can revise the listing by adding another Rs.800/= towards the manufacturing cost including the cost of metal used . We also request you to provide your choice of metal and the Ring Size so that we can procure order as early as possible.