Red Ruby 5.17 cts

Red Ruby 5.17 cts

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SIZE - 5.17 CTS


RUBY NATURAL " RED RUBY" [Glass Filled Ruby Gemstone]

Ruby / Manik should be worn in Gold / Copper / Silver Ring / Pendant. Same can be made on order upon payment. . Before wearing the ring / pendant for the first time, its advisable to wash it in Ganga Jal & should be worn on Sunday morning.

  2. You might find slight difference in color due to difference in lighting conditions & difference in resolution of Cameras. Color may not appear exactly as in real life due to variation between computer monitor resolution and lights.
  3. We are wholesalers of Gemstones, Rough Gemstones, Gemstone Statues, & Rudrakshas , thus offering you the REASONABLE PRICES,
  4. We also provide the service of making the Pendant / Ring of the above mentioned Gemstone in Silver / Copper / 8 Metals / 5 Metals as per your requirement . If you are interested in getting this Gemstone to be studded in Ring / Pendant then please inform us before buying so that we can revise the listing by adding another Rs.800/- towards the manufacturing cost including the cost of metal used . We also request you to provide your choice of metal and the Ring Size so that we can procure order as early as possible.

NOTE : We Will like to clarify that as these are all Natural Gemstones and are found under sea or earth after going through lot of Chemical Changes after millions of years. So it’s natural that all stones will have Inclusions which are included inside the stone. They can be Black Spots , Dark Included Crystals ( DINX ) , Included Crystals ( INX ) , Feathers spreaded all over , Pinpoints etc all over stone on different locations . Now let’s come to Blemishes all stones are bought in bulk and while they are together they get blemishes over them . Blemishes are not cracks. They are just a part of scratches over the stone which can be removed with repolishing of Gemstone and while marking in our Gemmological Terms , they are always marked with Green Color as green means go and these blemishes can go with polishing . The Inclusions are always marked with Red as they are inside the stone and they cannot be removed from a Gemstone at any cost. If you buy a stone which is absolutely crystal clear or without any inclusions , then please get it checked as either it can be semi – precious or synthetic, as clear Natural Stones like Emerald , Yellow Sapphire or Blue Sapphire , Rubies will be very very expensive.